Nanogold is a sovereign gold-backed cryptocurrency issued by the nation of Bougainville.  Bougainville is a small island in the South Pacific that is world-famous for its beauty and rich mineral wealth.  It is located near the Solomon Islands, so-named because they are believed to be part the Biblical region of Ophir or the area from which King Solomon of the Bible acquired much of his golden wealth.


Bougainville has been inhabited for at least 33,000 years.  It is populated by kind, warm-hearted, devoutly Christian people of apparently African descent.  Like many of the richest areas of the world, the history of Bougainville is fraught with conflict.  It was colonized by Germany in the late 1800's, occupied by Australian forces in WWI, Japanese forces in WWII, and then by American forces.  Following the war, control of Bougainville returned to Australia.

In 1969 the Panguna mine was established by the Rio Tinto mining company as the largest open pit copper and gold mine in the world.  Unfortunately, the local inhabitants of Bougainville received less than 1% of the proceeds from the enormous mine.  It was a clear case of modern-day economic slavery, which still exists in many corners of the world.  The mining operations caused extensive environmental damage and the local population was forced to work under a system of apartheid.

In 1989 the workers rebelled and forced a shut-down of the mining operations.  The reaction from the authorities was swift and brutal.  They implemented a naval blockade of the island and hired an African mercenary company called "Executive Outcomes".  The local people of Bougainville retreated deep into the jungle, living off the land and fighting guerrilla warfare.  In the end, over 20,000 men, women and children were killed in the war, or over 10% of the population, making it the largest conflict in the Pacific since the end of WWII.

The nanogold project exists to right the wrongs of history.  Issued under the authority of HM King David Peii II of Bougainville, 50% of the profits realized by selling Bougainville's gold to the world will be used for the benefit of the people of Bougainville and to pursue the sustainable development of Bougainville Island.  The other 50% will be used for the benefit of humanity as a whole.  We aim to support a number of worthy initiatives worldwide working to achieve liberty, peace, prosperity, and a sustainable future for planet Earth. By using methods such as open source engineering and true cost economics and by harnessing collective human intelligence to create the next evolution of the Internet, we believe that problems such as global poverty can be alleviated at a greatly reduced cost.  Bougainville Island could become a blockchain-enabled free-trade zone and learning hub.  The ultimate dream would be the creation of a charitable future steering committee for planet Earth.

Every one unit of nanogold represents a claim on one centigram of Bougainville Island gold, and HM King David Peii II is committed to ensuring that the physical gold is deliverable to investors worldwide at the earliest possible date.